Friday, November 4, 2016

the ups and downs with reid

a little ditty on reid.

first, the good news.
she said "mama!"
oh yeah.
of course it was AFTER she said:
who says rock before mama?
but i love it when babies start to pick up
on the language.
it's this magical time where they can talk,
but not talk back.
i'm telling you, i really really love it.
and i kinda wish it stayed like this forever.
all too soon they are a never ending chatter box
filled with so many words and questions, you 
wonder why you thought it was so important to teach
them these things at all.
oh hey, brette.

and the second update on reid,
the one that is not so good.
as you know she had been running a temp
since sunday and i was blaming it all on her teeth.
then she sprouted a "pimple" on her chin
monday night.
by wednesday morning she has another one and 
i noticed a few on her tongue.
real freaking great.
i called the pediatrician and they got us in that afternoon.
Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.
yep, this disgusting virus has hit reid hard.
she had five days of fever (which is now thankfully gone)
she has been sleeping two naps a day along with 13-14 hour nights.
and she has five blisters on her chin, a few on her tongue and two in her throat.
my poor baby.
thankfully, she has not had any on her hands or her feet and
i'm just hoping we can contain this and get it cleared up fast.
the doctor said it can last up to two weeks, but once her fevers is
gone then she's no longer contagious. 
i've been super freak about brette and our house.
i've been disinfecting and cleaning everything.
brette has either been in school or at my parents to try
to help her avoid catching the same thing.
so far, no one else shows any signs.

(this is tuesday night, just one blister on her chin)

(this morning, she has seven on her lips and chin)

my poor little chicken looks and feels rough,
but i'm hoping she's going to turn a corner this weekend.

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