Tuesday, April 16, 2013

cascade, not just for dishes

my family's favorite place to go is the rocky mountains because its so beautiful,
but i think i've found a new favorite.
the cascades.
they are gorgeous.
it's so green.
everything is covered in moss
and i loved it.
the fact that we stayed in the columbia river gorge only helped
my opinion of the area.  
my pictures don't do it justice.

please take note of the top left picture below.
ronnie and i were trying to cut across the mountains to get to our hotel
and we ran into snow.
so much snow that we had to turn around and back track an hour and a half.
it was a crazy adventure and our rental corolla wasn't up for the challenge.


my favorite part was driving down old highway 30,
known for its waterfalls.

the town where we stayed was part of the old oregon trail.


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