Sunday, April 21, 2013

the flood plains

we came home from an amazing vacation to
an ugly problem.

our basement flooded.

big time.

apparently, shortly after we left our sump pump's motor burned out
and stopped pumping.  so instead, it backed up all the water into
our newly finished basement.

so frustrating.
we had the ugliest basement for years and not one water problem.
as soon as we paint, carpet and build a built-in,
things go to hell.

we called our insurance company
and they had some workers come by to remove
the baseboards
the carpet
the drywall.
oh and they found mold, so then we had to call in a specialist.
they've sprayed, cleaned, and dried out the most of it.
but we did have to pitch the bed, a bookshelf and two nightstands.
we were able to salvage ronnie's shelving unit that he built,
so that's one relief.

but i hate life.
we're basically starting over from scratch.
so much to do and i really don't feel like working
on the house anymore.
i just want to relax and be pregnant.
and poor ronnie has an endless list.
hopefully the insurance company will pay for someone else to do the work.
i'm over this.
remember when our basement looked like this for the first three years we lived here?
not one problem.
then we did a bunch of work and it looked like this?

(living room) 
and now...

(living room)

can you believe it?
i still can't.

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