Tuesday, April 30, 2013

unanswered questions

i had a dr. appointment last week
and i'm still measuring "really small."
so small, that after she checked for the heart beat,
my doctor went back and remeasured me to be sure.
hmmmm, not good?
i asked her about traveling to st. louis for a wedding in may.
she said no.
i asked her about the swelling on my left side.
she said that brette was making her home on that side.
and that was the reason for the slight swelling.
nothing to worry about.
i asked her what i was measuring.
around 30, but i'm supposed to be around a 34.
(normally, however many weeks along you are,
is how many centimeters you are.)
so i'm off about a month.
but do you know what i didn't ask her?
what that meant.
so now i have no clue what the deal is
and once i was home i had a million questions.

what does this mean for brette?
what does this mean for my due date?
what growth rate does she want to see out of me in the next month?
is there something i can do?
 (my mom heard i should drink a gallon of water a day. 
try it. its super hard and you'll most likely spend the
majority of your time in the bathroom.)
my doctor said to come back in two weeks and get remeasured.
depending on what my measurements are then,
i might have to get an ultrasound to check the level of my amniotic fluid.
that could be the reason why i'm measuring small.
if its too low, its dangerous for the baby.
since my doctor didn't freak out and thought i could wait two weeks,
i am also not freaking out.  but i wish i would have asked more about
what she thought the reason for my small measurements were. 
i obviously have lots of questions and i'm trying to wait patiently for next week
when i will know more.
pray for lots of growth.
(just not the extreme kind that will give me stretch marks.)

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