Monday, April 15, 2013

sleeping in seattle

these next couple posts are going to be photo dumps from our trip
to washington and oregon.  we had so much fun and i'm so glad we went
exploring in the northwest. 
seattle was probably my favorite part, although our next two stops
were gorgeous.  i just loved the city and everything there was to do and see.

our first night there we started with the space needle. 
i figured it was a "must do" when you go to seattle
 and since we could see it from our hotel window
 i thought we could walk there.
ronnie thought it was a rip off because it cost $20 a person to ride up the elevator 
and see the view.  but i think you have to do it.
and if you're really wanting to spend some money, there is a fancy restaurant that rotates below the viewing deck. we decided against it, but the menu looked good. 


the next morning we got up and went to the pike place market.
a true gold mine.  i suggest not eating before you go because 
there is a TON of fresh fruit and restaurants to choose from.
also there are these amazing little donuts you can buy by the bag. 
basically, go hungry because you'll be mad if you're not. 

notice the top right picture below?
the famous fish market as seen on the bachelor. 
and yes, they were throwing fish. 

also down in pikes place market is the original starbucks. 
notice the line out the door?
i think its a big tourist spot because there was 
another starbucks not nearly as busy a couple blocks down. 

beechers makes their own cheese and you could watch them make some up while eating 
what i heard is the most amazing mac'n cheese in seattle so we had to try it. (it was good)

after the market, we decided to head to the pier and catch a ferry to bainbridge island.
the pier was pretty cool.  lots of restaurants and shops.
we went into an antique shop and got a little something for brette.
the ferry ride was only 30 minutes and the island was beautiful.
i really wish we had our rental car for better exploring,
 but we did walk around a little town and do some shopping. 

the next day we went back to the market for lunch (had to try the clam chowder) and stopped by 
the gum wall - also seen on the bachelor. 


and since we had rented a car, we made our way to the other side of union lake 
to look up this local treasure - the fremont toll. 
and yes, he is holding a real VW bug. 

and while we were there we found a nice little park with a huge hill,
perfect for taking pictures.
unfortunately, we didn't see the no parking sign and got a $50 ticket. 
but the skyline shot is probably my favorite so...

so basically i loved seattle
and hope to return someday.
maybe in the summer. 

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