Tuesday, April 2, 2013

middle name revealed

thank you so much for all your help with brette's middle name.
from our list, my favorite was annalise.
ronnie's fave was marie.
i went through all your comments and text messages.
i think marie, olivia and london were people's top picks.
ronnie loved the support for marie.
but in the end, i wasn't sold.
abbey, a friend of mine, suggested ainsleigh,
which i thought was adorable,
but ronnie didn't like it.
then, last night, i went all sorts of martin luther king:
i had a dream.
her name was brette annaleigh.
i think its a sign.
and i love it. 
we hadn't thought of leigh before and i think ainsleigh was still in my head.
i must have taken anna from my original fave, annalise and combined the two.
i told ronnie as soon as i woke up.
i think he's on board.
so as long as i get my way,
(he won the chair fabric debate, so i should win the names.
that's completely fair, right?)
i think its safe to say that this june we will be welcoming
drumroll please


brette annaleigh cox


  1. Love, love, love... Just beautiful, Brooke. The name is perfect! Mick

  2. That's lovely! Sounds like a winner to me!

  3. I love the name, congrats on picking a beautiful one! Aunt Margo