Wednesday, April 3, 2013

just add it to the list

i had my first charlie horse in my calf about 4am last night.
holy mother.
have you had one?
its god-awful.
i woke up ronnie to ask him what to do
and he said i just had to ride it out.
it is paralyzing pain and i just laid there
sounding like a cow in labor
until it finally relaxed.
then i laid motionless afraid
to make any sudden movements.
and just so you know,
it is still tender.
in fact, i was limping when i got up.
i am praying that they don't happen frequently,
i might saw off my leg.

1 comment:

  1. I had those quite a bit growing up and again when I was pregnant. Eat more bananas... if it is a potassium deficiency, it should help. It also helps me to NOT point my foot but keep it flat like when you are standing. Calf cramps do hurt and make your leg sore for a day or two. Eat more bananas! :) Mick