Thursday, January 8, 2015


i hope everyone rang in the new year
with big plans in mind.
or small plans.
whatever works for you.
since i'm consumed by my house,
my plans are really just to move the heck in.
i'll consider 2015 a success once we do that.

we rang in the new year at a hometown party
with ronaldo's side of our friend circle.
it was chill and i didn't have to get dressed up
so that was nice.
and it also included a buffet style of smoked bbq
so lets be honest,
i loved it.
their was a craps table, four-wheeler rides and beer pong,
but unfortunately since i was the sober driver
i didn't get to show my sweet beer pong skills.
people would have been amazed.
i probably suck considering i'm now 31 and 
don't quite get the practice i used to.
and if we're being completely honest,
the fact that ronnie and i planned a sober ride home
just shows how much we've grown up.
great, 2015 is already showing our age.

hope you and yours are looking forward 
to the best year yet.

(it's all about your outlook)

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