Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ta da! house pics

i am finally going to put up 'before and after' photos of the house
but i would really prefer you think of them
as "before" and "in progress" pics.
lets be honest,
there's still quite a bit to be done.

BEFORE: living room
AFTER: the only thing changed is the wood floors.
 BEFORE: dining room
AFTER: knocked down wall, wood floors.
new light fixture is next on the list. 
oh and see that white refrigerator?
its for sale on craigslist
spread the word.
 BEFORE: kitchen
AFTER: painted cabinets, wood floors, new ceiling, can lighting
(that rug is not staying.
that's a linda turner quick fix.)
BEFORE: family room
AFTER: wood floors
BEFORE: family room
i don't have an after, 
but i promise to take one next time. 
 BEFORE: master bedroom
AFTER: wood planked wall, trim paint, wall paint, new carpet.
BEFORE: bedroom two (guest room)
AFTER: trim paint, wall paint, new carpet.
BEFORE: laundry room
AFTER: trim paint, wall paint, new light fixtures
BEFORE: bedroom three (brette's room)
AFTER: trim paint, wall paint
 brette's closet - no before pic
BEFORE: bedroom four (playroom)
AFTER: trim paint, wall paint

AFTER: guest bathroom. (brette's)
i can't find any before pics 
but everything basically got painted.
it still needs a new tile floor,
but that will come later.

and there you have it.
nothing is decorated or hung on the walls,
but i figure i can work on that slowly
and when i do,
i'll make sure and take some true
"AFTER" photos.

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