Tuesday, January 27, 2015

house update: 4 months

kind of done.

lots of things happened in the last few weeks
and our house is finally ready to move in.
that's right people.
move-in happened last weekend.
can you believe it?
the last room of carpet was installed.
the painters came back to do finishing touches.
we hired our friend to lay the wood floors downstairs.
ronnie and my dad are done with the 
master bedroom wood planked wall.
we still need to buy a dishwasher and
we're busy cleaning the heck out of everything,
but all in all,
i'm super excited.
we already have furniture completely moved in upstairs
and we've spent the majority of our time setting up the kitchen
and hauling all our clothes in.
i did make it mandatory to get our dining room table in
just because i was tired of eating all our meals on the floor
propped up next to the fireplace.
so we even ate a meal sitting in chairs.
its the small things.
we still need to move in our living room furniture,
but that shouldn't take long.
things are looking good.

just to be clear,
even though we're living there,
we still have a lot left to do.
the downstairs walls need work.
some wallpaper removal.
some skim coating.
some walls are getting wood planked.
we need a kitchen island.
light fixtures need hung.
and of course, everything needs painted.
including trim.
so we are far from finished,
but i think it should go a lot faster since
we can cut out all the travel time.
ronnie made it clear that he needs a two week break.
we won't be doing a thing to the house until february. 
believe me, he needs it.
but on our inaugural night there ronnie thought
we should burn all our trash
so we had a little big bonfire. 
this is why ronnie loves this house.

i'll snap some pictures of the house too
soon so you can see it in all its (partial) glory.

ps- my friend, dana, thankfully watched brette for me
while we moved in all our crap,
so brette had a little girls day with charlotte.
how cute are they?

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