Wednesday, January 7, 2015

christmas all inclusive

so normally i break down our  
christmas celebrations
in several different posts, but this year
i'm so far behind that you're going to get one giant post.

our first event was a little christmas breakfast 
with my bff's and their kids.
it was so cute and santa even dropped off his bag with
a few christmas books to start the season right.
the homemade cinnamon rolls helped too.

next we had christmas with my mom's side.
cookie day, gifts and dinner all in one day.
we did a toned down version this year and 
only made christmas candies instead of the 
18 dozen cookies we normally have.
we also went through catholic charities and found
several kiddos that needed gifts instead of getting each other something.
it was a nice change and i think it takes the 
stress out of shopping when its for a good cause.
ps - i got no pictures of this whole day and
i'm completely bummed about it.

on christmas eve we did christmas with my immediate family.
its become a tradition to get together the night before, 
open gifts, eat pizza and go to mass.
only this year with three girls running around,
we got a little carried away opening presents and completely missed mass.
mom was not impressed.
but seriously,
you lose track of time when running after these three.


 (B is wearing my dress from MY second christmas!)

instead we piled in our vehicles and made our way to the magic tree
and down christmas alley to see the lights.
brette just said "pretty!" over and over.
it was cute,
until she got thristy and i forgot to pack a drink.
dear lord.

on actual christmas day we opened gifts at my parent's in the morning
and had a big pancake breakfast.


then we drove out to ronnie's 
sister's and celebrated with her family and ronnie's mom and grandma.
it was nice they made it back to town.
we hadn't spent christmas day with them in several years.
we followed up the weekend after with ronnie's dad side.
so no worries, 
we made sure and see everyone in our family this season.
and. it. was. great.

hope you all had a very merry christmas
and the happiest of holidays.

here's our xmas card for those of you
outside my address book.

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