Wednesday, January 14, 2015

nom nom nom

let me start this out by saying,
i'm not one to judge someone for their love of desserts.
i mean, lets be honest,
i'm right up there with them.
but we might have a future member of 
cookie-aholic anonymous in our midst.

while i was at work on friday 
ronnie was standing in front of the 
refrigerator holding brette and talking to my mom.
when he looked down, 
brette was eating an oreo.
then he realized that its my mom's oreo magnet.
not kidding. 
we always thought it was plastic,
but our little cookie monster led us to discover
that it is actually, in fact, a real oreo,
just covered in polyurethane. 
so brette might have eaten a small portion of a 
20 year old oreo covered in polyurethane.
delicious AND healthy.
ronnie was freaking out,
my mom was dying laughing 
and brette was demanding her cookie back.

i'm assuming this will be her lead story
at her first meeting at CA. 

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