Wednesday, January 21, 2015

big book of boo boos

we're adding to brette's list of injuries.

on sunday, we spent the day working on the house
and after lunch out with the family we took
brette over to brian and jaime's for nap.
we thought she was asleep but instead
she was playing quietly in madeline's room.
sneaky little booger. 
so when i picked her up at 3:30 she had not slept yet.
since i had more to do at the house i thought
maybe she could rest and watch an elmo dvd.
we don't have living room furniture up
so i put her in our bedroom
and since ronnie was working in there
i told him to keep an eye on her in case she wanted off the bed.

ronnie said he saw her just in time to log roll off.
wah wah wah.
parent fail.
she cried,
but nothing crazy and she landed on carpet
so we thought she was ok.
that evening i noticed that she would not let me put her down.
at all.
i thought it was because she was tired from no nap,
so i wasn't overly concerned.
the next day i had meetings for work in overland park,
so my parent's watched her.
i told my mom to make sure she was walking fine 
since she never did after her fall.
sure enough, not even 30 mins later
i get a call from my parents that brette was awake and not walking.
not even standing.
i called the pediatrician and they made an appointment for her.
i met my parents in lees summit and got her checked out.
the dr. said she couldn't tell if it was broken or not,
but she was concerned about her hip, thigh and knee.
so she referred me to the hospital for x-rays.
luckily, ronnie's sister works in that department at the hospital 
and came out to meet us.
they also let her be the one to hold brette down on the table which
i think was a lot less traumatic on B.
don't get me wrong,
she still lost it,
but at least she had a familiar face with her.
a few hours after that,
we got the results that it was not broken
(thank jesus)
but she most likely has a bruised muscle and a sore hip.
and as of yesterday she was back to walking, 
but with a limp.
the dr. said she should be fully recovered by friday.

ps- its sucks having to explain to everyone that your child 
might have a broken freaking leg because you let her fall off a damn bed.

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