Wednesday, November 11, 2015

let's go royals

i'm sure you've heard.
the ROYALS won the world series.
it was a pretty big deal in these parts.
especially since it hasn't been done in the last 30 years.
i'm a big fan and i lured ronnie and brette into the action too.
when we won, i decided to take
my girls to the parade to celebrate.
it was scheduled for tuesday at noon.
i could get there around 9 or 10 in the morning with a few hours
to make our way to whatever spot we could find and
hopefully leave by 2 to get home for a late nap.
my bffs, shannon and kassie were off on tuesday too, so
we decided to brave the crowds together.
the more adults the better.
the news was speculating 200,000 people.
sure, its a lot, but i thought we could handle it.
but then everything went crazy.
shannon was little late meeting me.
you know kids...
you try to do something cool with them
and they turn on you.
brette was being cranky about her shirt
and shannon's clan was giving her a hard time too.
with five kids and three adults we thought the best
plan of action was to pack a double stroller.
have two kids sitting at all times which leaves
the remaining three kids supervised by three adults.
we just didn't want to lose anyone.  obviously.
well, my freaking double stroller wouldn't fit in shannon's pilot.
wait for it...
neither would my jogger.
we finally rearranged things so the jogger would sit shotgun,
we threw in an umbrella stroller
and i squeezed myself in between two carseats in the very back.
oh yeah, and we hadn't even met up with kassie yet.
there was no hope.
we finally left my house at 9:30 and called kassie to meet us.
at first kass wanted to meet up at dana's house.
she's close to the plaza and there was a shuttle taking the crowds in from there.
but traffic was bad and the numbers of attendants was raising by the hour.
now they were saying 300,000 people.
we decided to meet kass at the zoo and ride the shuttle in from there
hoping that maybe it would be a little less crowded and get us
off the highway sooner.
um no.
we waited in line forever just to park our car.
but at last - we made it and kass was there to help us with
all. our. freaking. kids.
we busted out my portable kids potty for a fast bathroom break,
loaded all our bags, snacks, drinks and children and headed to the bus stop.
now all we have to do is hop on the shuttle and make our way downtown.
the line for the shuttle was OVER a mile long.
ps- reports are now saying 500,000 people expected.
holy lord.
shannon was getting a little scared of the sheer number of people
and i was getting nervous we wouldn't even make the parade in time.
so we decided to pack it up.
that's right.
we went through all that work, just to call it a day.
reese, shannon's oldest, cried and we all felt like big jerks.
to make it up to her we decided to take all five kids to
buffalo wild wings for lunch and they could watch the parade on
all 50 of their big screens. perfect.
we even told reese she could order dessert.
(you gotta do, what you gotta do when kill a small child's dream)
buffalo was packed and both babies needed to eat.
the waitress sucked and we waited f o r e v e r  for our food.
brette was trying to steal crayons from graham and
the TV's were so loud i couldn't think straight.
we finally made it home around 1:00 - - four hours since the start of adventure.
four hours to basically go to lunch.
i threw both my girls down for a nap
and shannon and kass came over and hung out for the rest of the day.
it ended up being really fun and i actually got to see
the parade and the pep rally.
in the end over 800,000 people showed up to cheer on our boys in blue.
i'm so glad we didn't go.
it would have been different if we had ronnie and drew to help,
but it was just too much, with too many kids.
next year, (hopefully we win again) i'm calling mimi to
babysit and us girls are going to go.
THAT sounds much better.


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