Thursday, November 26, 2015


we had a really nice thanksgiving.
a stress-free morning,
a delicious meal at ronnie's sisters.
lots of lounging.
and since brette didn't nap,
she fell asleep on our way home and
we had both girls in bed by 6:30.
s u c c e s s f u l

another success?
my desserts.
seriously. the bomb.

this year i'm thankful for family:
the little one ronnie and i created.
they're seriously perfection.
my immediate family, that i'm lucky enough
to see and share a meal every monday night.
they would do anything for me and my girls. 
(well, anything except make a special trip to bring me thanksgiving leftovers. ahem, dad.) 
my extended family that makes traditions fun, important and a good time.
and my chosen family. 
the girls that i get to call my best friends and
will be my village while raising our kids together.
love you all.
THANK YOU for being a part of our lives.  
ps -
i have to work tomorrow
so ronnie will spend a full 11 hours
with both his girls and no help.
send your prayers.

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