Thursday, November 5, 2015

trick or treat

we had such a fun halloween!
it makes such a difference when it falls on a saturday.
no rushing around after work trying to get kids in costumes,
fed and out the door.
we actually spent the whole day doing fun, halloween activities.
first off, LS has a parade in the morning for all the kids and dogs
to strut their stuff and get candy from local stores.
(we left our mutts at home)
we also managed to make our way into our downtown
diner for a little breakfast.
once you sit down, hot cinnamon rolls are served.
yes please!
when we got back home we decided to carve our pumpkin.
we were supposed to do it family fall day,
but i actually liked saving it for halloween.




then it was nap time and as soon as the girls woke up we were off to brian's.
madeline, eden, mimi and papa were all waiting for us
with hot bowls of chili.
unfortunately, the girls were way too excited to eat.
so instead, we started getting them all dressed and ready.
we had to be out the door by 5:20 for the neighborhood parade
and then (for the first time ever) i actually had a trick-or-treater.
it makes halloween so fun. 



last year, brette wasn't walking yet... what a difference a year makes.
we were back at brian's early enough to hand out candy to other kids
and i actually got to eat dinner.
the girls ate dinner too... 18 candy bars.
i'm not kidding.
at one point we couldn't find the huge bag of candy
that we bought to give out and that's because brette was sitting with
it between her legs, just going to town.
in fact, brette woke up and told me she doesn't want breakfast,
she just wants candy.
halloween has to be the wors/best holiday ever.
ours was super sweet and already i can't wait for next year.
i'm hoping reid will be out there walking with the older girls.

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