Sunday, November 15, 2015

the sunday rundown

10 quick updates...
1. i'm making a couple my favorite recipes this week.
if you need a dinner idea, try them out.
i plan on freezing any leftovers because
lets be honest, i live off freezer meals.
2. even though nursing isn't one of my
favorite parts about having kids,
it gives me some of my favorite memories.
is there anything more precious than a baby
looking up at you and smiling mid-meal?
reid is a pro at this.
3. have you tried snapchat?
i'm new and still learning,
but its a fun way to see my friends'
and their kids in st. louis.  #DZGalPals
4. ronnie painted!
you read that right.
we used "everyday white" for the color.
its two shades lighter than the paint we chose for the upstairs.
i think i'm really going to like it.
we wanted something lighter since our wood ceiling in the
front room makes it feel so dark.
so now we officially have a finished kitchen.
(well, kind of)
next up is the dining room and living room.
(hopefully done this week.)
5. reid is getting baptized this weekend.
i'm so excited to break out my mom's
baptismal gown again and take pictures.
my fingers are crossed that she doesn't have some
sort of blow out while in the dress.
please, god.
6. i started a diet,
then i switched to another one,
then halloween struck and candymania took over.
now i'm starting over.
why can't be naturally skinny?
life's. not. fair.
7. i finished watching the last season of dexer
and i'm seriously distraught.
i know this is two years late, but really?
i'm okay with killing off deb, because i didn't know how they
would do without each other anyway.
but the fact that they end by
throwing him out in oregon, chopping down trees while his
son and the love of his life are off in argentina kills me.
it kills me.
8. after kassie's amazing wedding in mexico,
my friends decided that we should try to travel together again.
i mean, what's more fun than that?!
we're going to hawaii in 2017.
everyone is having a baby this year so by that summer we
are all free to travel without kids and not feel bad about it.
plus it gives us all some time to save up the money.
i think we might rent a house and kick back for a week beachside.
i might go ahead and start the countdown.
9. i lied on my last post about christmas shopping.
i've bought more since then and i can't stop.
something's wrong with me.
10. i started a book last night.
i go in spurts with reading.
i'll go months and months and read every night.
i love to read.
but then i'll stop and won't read at all.
before last night, i hadn't read a book
since i lived with my parents last winter.
weird, right?
its nice to have a book in my hand again.

so there are 10 little updates on life around here.
nothing and everything is going on at once.
have a good week!

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