Thursday, November 12, 2015

the early bird gets the discount

i'm not trying to rush into christmas.
in fact, i'm one of those that refuse
to acknowledge the holiday until thanksgiving
dinner is safely in my belly.
(and then i run head first into my christmas decorations)
i like halloween and thanksgiving.
the pumpkins, ghosts, turkeys, pilgrims...
they all deserve our love.
especially my personal favorite, pecan pie.
dear lord, i can't wait to eat pecan pie.

there were some amazing veterans day online sales
and i broke my own rule.
i started buying for christmas.
i know. i'm such a traitor.
but how cute are these matching pj's for the girls?
and at 40% off it was a no-brainer.
then getting a stocking for reid was a must.
and it obviously had to match the ones i bought a few years ago,
so when i found another version, i scooped it right up.
(hers is the snowman one, second from the right.)
that's it.
i just bought two things.
it could have been a lot worse.
and it got me itching to buy a lot more.
next on my list are books and ornaments.
i'll try to hold off until its truly the christmas season,
but i'm not making any promises.
i apologize for the pre-thanksgiving christmas post.
it won't happen again.

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