Monday, November 23, 2015

reid: four months


these months are going faster and faster.
and just like that she's four months old.

we actually have her fourth month well-baby visit tomorrow.
i'm so excited to see how much she weighs and her height.
i think she's grown so much.
her neck strength is very good.
she holds it up on her own all the time.
she's rolling side to side but hasn't completely flipped over yet.
and right now she prefers to be held,
but i think, for good reason.
she's in that in between stage where she can't sit up
on her own yet, but she doesn't want to lay down all the time either.
so basically, she wants someone to sit her up so she can see
what's going on and be a part of the action.
she's in size two diapers and 3-6 month clothing.
her hair is staying red and she has quite a bit of it.
we can actually already put barrettes in it,
but she is getting that bald spot in the back.
wah wah.
hopefully it grows in fast once she's sitting up more.
her eyes are blue and fingers crossed, she keeps them.
she has the cutest little grin and
the highest pitch scream i've ever heard.
i'm hoping that's just how she cries and that she's not in pain, but
we've been messing around a lot with her reflux medicine and
her pediatrician upped her dose. 
i'm anxious to see what she wants to do when we meet tomorrow.
i'm thinking we either need to try something new or
prescribe her more because in the last few weeks i've
noticed the puking has come back and she's arching her back
a lot which is a sign of discomfort.
i just don't want my sweet girl to be in any pain.
our sleep routine is a joke.
night time is still on point but with the time change
it went from 7:45 to 6:45 and that means
i'm upstairs nursing her by 6:15.
it makes for interesting dinners and has pretty much
put a hold on most social invites.
if its past 5:30, i'm out.
i've tried to slowly push it back,
but i don't think we're ever gonna make it past 7:00-7:30.
she's just too tired.
mostly because her naps are all out of wack.
i can't seem to get on a schedule.
she gets up about 6:46 and is back down for a nap
by 8:30.  that only lasts about an hour.
then she's back down around 11:30,
unless we're out running errands and then i hold her off until 1:00.
but once again that, doesn't last long.
our sweet spot is normally around 2:00.
i can sometimes get a couple hours out of her.
and then she's back down around 5:30,
but only for 30 mins.
(enough time for me to scarf something down for dinner.)
and finally she's out for the night around 6:45.
add brette's nap in there at 1:00 and i literally feel like all i do
is feed kids and put them to sleep...
and somehow its exhausting.
she still eats every two hours.
there is no lengthening out this girl
because she doesn't just lay there and eat very often.
brette would nurse a constant 25 minutes.
reid is too busy looking around or messing with her face
so unless she's swaddled, i normally only nurse for 15 minutes.
since she's not getting as much food, she doesn't go as long in between.
i don't mind it because i don't know if brette
would last that long waiting for us to be done anyway.
i nurse her the days i'm here and
on mondays and fridays, she takes a bottle.
she's started eating more: 4-5 oz bottles,
 which means i need to start pumping more.
i was just pumping at work, but i can
see my freezer supply of milk is dwindling, so
i'm probably going to have to start pumping before bed every night.
after i put her down for the night she sleeps until
4:30 - 5:30 - basically 10 hours before needing to nurse again. (such a champ)
recently she's been busting out of her swaddle so i've nursed her a few extra times
this week, but nothing to complain about.
also, at four months i'd like to start giving her some water.
probably once or twice a day i'm going to try to get a few ounces down her.
we'll see if she'll take it.
her favorite toy is her pacifier.
she hold on to it and can actually put it in her own mouth,
but she also spends a lot of time messing around with it
which produces a lot of squeals.
she is so loud.
and she talks all the time.
dear lord, i think i got blessed/cursed with two
loud, talkative girls.
i've been trying to get her to do more tummy time
so she can roll over soon, which will also
help strengthen her abilities to sit up on her own...
something she is dying to do.
 and i'm waiting for her to find her feet.
i remember B was obsessed with her feet,
but i don't think reid has realized they're down there yet.
she was baptized on her 4 month birthday (more on that later)
first holiday! (hello, halloween)
she went to her first sporting event - a football game.
i'm sure there are more, but i can't think of any.
 she's doing really well and i'm
getting really excited for the holidays.
i can't tell you how amazing its going to be to
watch brette and reid celebrate together.


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