Tuesday, December 1, 2015


not last weekend,
but the weekend before
(i know, i'm a week behind)
we had miss reid elizabeth baptized.
she is now officially part of the catholic church.
i wanted her to have her special day like brette
and get to wear her mimi's gown.
i wanted our family to get together to celebrate
and i wanted her to know that there has always
been so many people looking out for her
and her faith.
its kind of hectic to try to get the house clean,
lunch made for 15, both girls dressed, myself ready and
out the door by 10:30.  
in fact, it took me about 2 days just to pull this off.
its a long drawn out process of grocery shopping,
cleaning while kids sleep, cooking soup ahead of time,
baths the night before, ironing the morning of.
then realizing you forgot dessert and whipping up something super fast.
it always ends up in a mad dash to pull everything together at once,
but i want days like this for my girls.
days filled with family.
so even though it basically takes over my life for a couple days,
its well worth it to get memories like these:


ps- thanks again to my cousin kelly, for these amazing photos!

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