Tuesday, December 29, 2015

christmas recap

so i actually did get a christmas miracle.
ronnie got christmas eve off and we got
every single thing done on my list.
woot. woot.
i started my day  e a r l y,
like 5am, but it was so worth it
because by 8:00 i had already gone to the grocery
store and taken my kids to go see santa.
i'm going to let you in on a little secret:
people do not get up early to go see santa.
so if your kids are early risers, like mine,
take advantage and go when they open.
literally NO LINE.  like, at all.
we walked right up while another family
was finishing up and took our picture and left.
the whole thing took 5 minutes.
so. awesome.
ronnie and i took the girls to the magic tree the night before
and i spent my evening wrapping gifts while ronnie
took 2 hours putting together a big wheel.
i'm not kidding.
i made my pie when i got home from santa
and showered for church while the girls napped.
we managed to make it to christmas eve mass
by the skin of our teeth and lot of help from my folks.
there is something about getting everyone ready for church that's cursed.
it is ALWAYS stressful, which is so not the point of going.
but brette did a good job of putting on lip gloss for an hour
while the rest of us took turns holding reid.
we made it home in time for our annual christmas eve pizza,
sat out cookies for santa and put the girls in matching pj's.
i did forget to read them "twas the night before christmas"
which kind of kills me, but i promise to do better next year.


christmas morning brette woke up at 5:50 and wanted to see
if santa had eaten the cookies she left him.
 i made her wait for her sister until 7:00, so she watched cartoons
in our room and guessed what presents santa brought her.
once reid joined our party,
we had a good time making a mess of the living room.
(note to self: wrapping paper with glitter is banned from this household)
after breakfast we loaded everyone up and headed to warrensburg
for our big family christmas with all the relatives from my mom's side.
we ate a lot, watched the kids open a ton of gifts and then
i downed a few glasses of wine to top off my holiday.
oh what fun!
brette and reid are super lucky to have so much
family surrounding them and really made our holiday amazing.
brette was super excited by three things:
her new black boots (which she's wearing in all our Christmas morning photos)
a buzz lightyear toy
and a northpole dance radio (oh lordy, help us)


we had a great day.
hope yours was spent with
all the ones you love.
until next year!

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