Wednesday, December 23, 2015

making a list, checking it twice

i just made a list of all the things i need
to get done before christmas and
now i'm feeling a little frantic.
and yes, i guess waiting until christmas eve eve
to figure this all out was not smart.
there are things i want to do and then
there are things i have to do.
but lets be honest,
i plan on getting everything checked off my list.
1. bake a tollhouse pie
2. go to the magic tree and lights-seeing
3. make ham roll-ups
4. exchange a gift i bought in the wrong damn size.
5. wrap every single thing.
6. go to christmas eve mass
7. go see santa
but first things first,
i need to go to the grocery store.
it wouldn't be that bad if i could just run to the store
right now but the girls are both napping.
i'm secretly hoping that they don't nap forever.
(which goes against my mom-mantra)
but the sooner i can get cracking,
the better.
i really wish ronnie was walking through the door right now to help
or was off tomorrow, but i won't hold my breath.
that would truly be a christmas miracle.

am i right?!
i'm sure everyone is running around
frantic trying to put the finishing touches on christmas,
so here's to the holidays...
the most stressful best time of the year!

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