Tuesday, December 8, 2015

me want some cookies

my big family cookie exchange is saturday
and i'm so excited!
i haven't participated in the actual
exchanging of cookies in a couple years
because i don't really need 8 dozen cookies at my house.
normally i just take home the candies we make that day
and call it a year.
but with two girls and a pending party at my house
i thought i should actually partake this year.
my family is graciously letting me do the exchange,
but cut in half.
instead of baking a dozen cookies for everyone,
i'm only doing half dozens and that's what i'll get in return.
its a lot more manageable for me and it will
help me avoid eating a few dozen cookies over the next month.
added all up i'll need to get three dozen cookies pounded out.
i'm gonna be one baking son of a bitch on thursday.
hopefully the girls cooperate.
last time i did the exchange i made monster cookies.
they are seriously good.
and the time before that i did crappy sugar cookies,
but with good cause.
this year i had an idea to do s'more cookies.
i found a recipe that seems pretty easy,
so i'm going to try it out.
i'm hoping they're a hit.
here's the recipe:
make your normal chocolate chip cookie dough.
crumble up a cup of graham cracker.
cut 6 marshmallows in half.
add 3/4 cup of your graham cracker to your cookie dough.
take your 1/2 marshmallow and roll your dough around it.
then roll your ball in the remaining graham cracker crumbles.
bake at 350 for 12 - 15 minutes.
now i just have to do this times three.
wish me luck!

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