Friday, December 11, 2015

holiday rush

my week has been busy,
which is no surprise with christmas
right around the corner.
ronnie put up our lights,
which makes me happy...
and nervous to have him up that high.
(reid and i watched from the ground)

(hold on tight, ronnie!)
we spent a whole day shopping with mimi and papa. 
i actually got all the things i needed for the girls' stockings
and i found some cute cowboy boots for brette.
i only have three gifts left to buy.
hopefully i can knock those out by next week.
ps- reid totally crapped through her whole outfit
while out shopping and proved yet again, why
online shopping is definitely the way to go.
(this is her - yeah, i shit myself face. classic.)
i find myself needing more time.
we still need go look at lights,
visit santa,
send out cards,
drive through christmas in the park,
go stare at the magic tree,
drink hot chocolate and watch christmas movies. 
(i'm watching christmas vacation as i type this.
check that off the list.)
but i guess the truth is -
my girls are still little.
the holidays are going to be more fun the older they get.
right now its hard to keep them up late enough
to get some of these things done.
i need to be patient and let them grow up first.
i did, however, get some baking done.
 i count this as an accomplishment in itself because
we had a surprise guest,
miss eden lou.
i thought it might get a little chaotic and not get done, but
i really loved having her.
it gave brette someone to play with
and it makes me so excited for the
day that reid and b can run off  and play without me.
they colored, played tag, helped me bake and
ran around outside.
when nap rolled around, i had all the
girls in bed and asleep with no tears in 15 minutes.
i felt like a gold-star mom.

(my baking buddies)
(and my cookies turned out. yay!)
we had a good week.
now if only my house got cleaned...
next up?
family cookie day
and christmas with ronnie's side.
tis the season.

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