Tuesday, December 22, 2015

reid: 5 months

my littlest chicken is five months old
and is such a sweet little girl.
(much sweeter than my 2.5 yr old that,
at the moment, makes me want to pull out my hair.)
however both my girls are sick,
so we're having a rough week.
but still, let's celebrate miss reid.
i have no clue what she weighs,
i'd guess between 14-15 lbs.
her little leg rolls are growing in quite nicely
and her cheeks are as round as ever.
her newest accomplishment is rolling over.
all. the. time.
and once she started rolling over,
she had to stopped being swaddled at night,
which has made things interesting.
more on that in our "sleep" section.
however, she just rolls from her back to her stomach,
but once she on her stomach she can't get back over.
for some reason, she won't push off on her arms.
we're working on it.
she's in size two diapers and 3-6 month clothing.
her hair is still red and her eyes are still blue.
i wish her eyebrows and eyelashes would darken up
a bit, because even though she has them,
they're hard to see.
she's still on reflux medicine and the pediatrician upped
her does to 2 ml twice a day. 
so far, it seems to be working.
this little one is an amazing night sleeper,
but that's where it ends.
so far, naps are still not consistent and
what works one day will most likely,
not work the next.
she gets up around 7am and will sleep on and
off throughout the day.
i always have both girls down around 1 in the afternoon
and sometimes R will give me a couple hours and
other days she'll only give me 30 minutes.
i'm going to stick with it because i know the older she gets,
the better she'll nap.
i just wish i could find that sweet spot everyday.
as for the night, she's going down by 7:00,
up at 4:00 and back down until 7:00.
but as you read above, we've had to stop swaddling her
because she'll roll over.
this means, she might wake herself up a few times
before she's officially asleep, but she's getting better and better.
 mostly, this whole rolling over thing it freaks me out
because i'm afraid she'll smother herself.
if she was able to sit up or crawl,
i wouldn't worry, but since she's still so little
and still in the age range for SIDS i spend a lot of my nights
checking my monitor to see if she's flipped over.
in fact, this morning she was asleep on her tummy.
dang those tummy sleepers!
i'm looking into getting an angelcare monitor.
it will actually sound an alarm if she stops breathing.
i never worried much about this with brette because
her gross motor skills were never on point, so by the
time we stopped swaddling her she still wasn't rolling over in her crib.
it is highly recommended that babies sleep on their back,
but i think reid has other plans.
she is still nursing wonderfully.
she eats every few hours and i wanted to add
some water to her diet, but
i only ended up doing it like 3 times this month,
so i really sucked that up.
i'm going to REALLY focus on it and
try to introduce her to a straw.
i remember loving that brette could use a straw,
so that's my #1 goal this month.
i plan on starting to introduce food at 6 months and
i cannot wait for that.
i'll start with cereal and peanut butter,
then vegetables and fruit.
starting foods is one of my favorite parts of the first year,
so i'm really looking forward to january.
she likes toys that rattle, light up or play music.
she still loves her pacifier, but mostly just to play with
and not really use it for sleeping anymore.
i try to force it on her because it really does soothe her
but i think she's starting to get over it.
she also likes things that hang above her to she can bat at them.
we don't have one of those play mats but
we have a homemade version in the playroom that
seems to work just fine.
i try to have her hang out on her tummy a few times a day,
but she isn't a huge fan.
she loves sitting up, but can't do it without support,
so i prop her up or put her in the bumbo.
our bumbo has a tray on it so you can give her toys
and she can occupy herself for a little bit and
sometimes when brette needs something too,
this comes as a big help.
but most of all, she likes being held.
of course.
our second little child is quite different than our first,
but has captured our hearts just the same.
happy five months, reid!

wanna compare?

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