Monday, December 7, 2015

christmas shopping

shopping with a four month old and
a two year old doesn't work.
well, it works, but i hate it.
brette wants to touch everything
and reid doesn't like to sit in her carseat for that long.
just the other day i had to let brette pick out something to hold
while i held reid as we walked around wal-mart's toy aisle.
oh what fun.
so i did something i hate.
i bought almost everyone i know gift cards.
wah wah.
it's not fun for me.
it's not personal.
and it's lame to wrap.
BUT it gets me in and out of the store in less than 5 minutes
and that is most important these days.
now i only have three people left.
except for what i need to finish up brette and reid's gifts.
when it comes to shopping for the girls,
gift cards won't work and i don't want brette to see what she's getting
so i've done a lot of online shopping.
in fact, a lot of deals i found were better online than in stores anyway.
i'm all about the convenience and the fact that
it's delivered straight to my door can't be beat.
i'm sticking to my little rhyme from a few years back...
something you want,
something you need,
something to wear,
something to read.
we got brette:
a table and chairs set
to be determined, but right now we're looking into cowboy boots.
and this book.
we got reid:
a toy,
to be determined
a swimsuit
and this book.
this does not include their ornament, pj's and xmas books
their elf on the shelf, tootie, brought them their christmas pj's,
they will get their ornament on christmas eve
and we're having a breakfast party with all my girlfriend where
"santa" brings them their christmas book.
then i have a bunch of small stuff for their stocking.
now who wants to pay my credit card bill?

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