Thursday, December 3, 2015

it's beginning to look...

...a lot like christmas.
unfortunately it doesn't look exactly like
what i had pictured in my head.
my old house had a very different decorative vibe:
black, white, green, birds, leaf patterns.
so when it came to decorating for christmas
i used a lot of red, silver and sequins. 
oh yes, there was lots of sparkle.
and it looked great.
but in THIS house
it looks weird and out of place.
last year we lived with my parents over the holidays
so i hadn't seen my decorations in two years.
when we i got them out, i was sorely disappointed.
this house needs wood, plaid, cotton sprigs,
pinecones, cranberries, gold and deep red.
so basically i need a lot of new stuff.
that's not great news when i don't have the budget
to go out re-buy all my christmas décor.  
i mean hello, i'm busy shopping for gifts!
so i scrounged up what i could,
and made do.
i plan on borrowing a few more things
my mom found that she doesn't use.
maybe i can go out at the end of the season and
get some more on sale and have it for next year.
until then, this is it.

notice my tree has no topper?
it used to be a big silver sparkly bow and
it totally doesn't go anymore.

i actually bought this because i just
had to have one more thing of garland.

my old table runner was black velvet.
it's heinous.
i remember i had this scarf hanging in my closet and since
i wanted to incorporate plaid, i thought
this was a good cheap option.
i'd like to replace the big sequined ornament with a wooden sleigh
and add a few cotton sprigs,
but obviously that will have to wait.

i hate everything about my island décor,
but i have no ideas and nothing left to use,
so this will do for now.

my mantle needs work too.
it needs height.
i'd love to find some reindeer or trees to add.
i'd also like to fill my wooden toolbox with poinsettias.
ps- my mantle garland has lights but one must have
burned out because they wouldn't turn on today.
sounds like a job for ronaldo.

i love my wrapped columns.
basically i just loved lit garland.
so when i finally do get to go out shopping for new things i
have a few ideas from either instagram or pinterest
that i thought would work great.
now i just need to find the right items
and recreate something similar.
this was my original inspiration picture.
i took a screen shot so i could keep it.
it basically has everything.
cotton, cranberries, wood, old trucks.
it's perfect.
the rest of these are based off this first idea.

very cabin chic.
wish me luck finding all these amazing things for super cheap!
tis the season, right?!

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