Wednesday, December 16, 2015

fast food

randomly last night i made the bomb breakfast casserole.
fast. easy. and so good.
it was nice outside after naps, so
the girls and i went out for a walk.
i had to nurse reid when we got back in and
when i looked at the clock it was almost 5:00.
holy geez.
since we start bedtime around 6:30,
dinner needs to be ready around 5:45.
normally if its already 5:00 and i have nothing out,
we would be feasting on frozen pizza or scrounging up leftovers.
but when i checked the freezer there was no pizza.
we did have some chicken pot pie leftover,
but not enough for me, ronnie and brette.
just great.
i noticed that we had
jimmy dean cooked sausage links.
we also had a can of biscuits because
i intended to make a shepard pie recipe off pinterest sometime, but
hadn't gotten around to it.
surely i can make some sort of breakfast concoction out of all this.
so i started with the sausage links and starting cooking 10 of them.
meanwhile i cracked 6 eggs and whisked them in a 9x9 baking dish.
i cut the biscuits in forths and laid them in the egg.
once my sausage was cooked i cut up and added them to the dish and
stirred in shredded cheese and sprinkled in some salt and pepper.
i had my oven going at 400 and put it in for 20-25 minutes.
meanwhile, i took my sausage drippings and made gravy.
side note:
have you ever made gravy?
i used to be kind of intimidated by it.
i mean, me? make homemade gravy?
i should leave that to the professionals.
but i swear, it's the easiest thing to do ever.
you literally add flour to your sausage and stir it around
for 2 minutes, then add milk and stir it around until it gets thick.
salt and pepper to taste. (can add red pepper if you like it hot)
that. is. it.
i know.
suddenly you're thinking about all those homemade breakfasts
your mom and your grandma have made you where you thought,
holy geez, thank god SOMEONE can still make this for me,
and now here you are, making it for yourself.
you should try it and impress everyone.
when the casserole came out i poured the gravy on top.
and wa la - done!
so basically i made biscuits and gravy breakfast casserole.
and yes,
we were eating by 5:45 and its my new fave.


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