Friday, January 1, 2016


the clock struck midnight.
the calendar flipped.
our glasses bottles clinked.
and just like that, we started a new year.
2 0 1 6
you're supposed to spend new year's with the
one you love and lucky for me,
i talked my friends into coming over for
a little par-tay so i could stay at home and
put my littlest to bed on time.
brette on the other hand,
didn't go down until a little after 9:00
because she was having the time of her life running
around with graham and reese.
(no worries, she took a three hour nap today)
with reid still getting up around 4am every night,
i feel bad having someone watch her so we can go out.
it's not exactly a great time to be up.
but wouldn't you know it,
that little chicken slept until 6am this morning.
she would.
we had a lot of fun.
we talked about babies and houses and jobs and other people.
normal 30-something conversations.
 we laughed and drank too many beers,
but not a drop of champagne, so if anyone
feels like making a toast,
i have the supplies in my fridge.
i hope your new year's was fun and safe.
just imagine i'm raising a glass to you.
now let's get this party started.
sweet hats.

party people

sparkling juice at midnight. poor reese had to be woken up for it.

my fur family.

graham: a future party animal. this child never went to sleep.

the girls

turnbow's - with a little girl due in march.

the boys

the glovers
chocolate cake mouth.
now for my new year inspiration:
you're welcome.

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