Wednesday, January 20, 2016

reid eats


someone was hungry.
as in, crying and reaching for our spoons when we ate.
it was too much.
so even though she was shy of being six months,
like i had planned.
we went ahead and started giving reid food.
i wanted to start with cereal and peanut butter,
but i am borrowing the rest of shannon's cereal she has leftover
from paige and since i don't have it yet,
and reid was getting demanding, we went ahead
and gave her carrots.
and then the next morning, bananas.
she had to get used to the consistency,
but each day she gets better and better.
she only eats about a tablespoon,
but i think she's enjoying it.
we're going to be adding cereal, sweet potatoes,
pears and peas soon.
its so fun. i just love when they start eating.
next up, steak.

AND, does anyone remember this?
how cute are my little girls.

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