Thursday, January 14, 2016

picture me rollin'

i mentioned that ronnie was gone all weekend.
he decided that we needed to add another vehicle to
our garage (also known as cox's used car lot) and
this one was located in illinois up close to his mom's.
he drove there with a friend and spent the weekend.
and then he brought back a yukon.

it's getting ridiculous.
i did agree that we needed a new vehicle because
ronnie's truck has a regular cab and the
jeep is a pain to get the girls in and out of.
so my suggestion?
sell the jeep.  sell the truck.
buy a newer four-door truck that's family friendly.
unfortunately, ronnie is not down to sell his truck.
apparently, there is something special between a man and
his 1998 regular cab truck that we cannot all ride in.
smart, right?
but he did decide to sell the jeep and
look into a suburban.
we were going to do this a year ago, but
ronnie got cold feet and ended up taking it off the market.
so as of right now, we have the truck,
the 4runner, the jeep, the yukon, ronnie's work truck shed, and a harley.
i'm. not. kidding.
but ronnie promises to sell the jeep as soon as possible.
let's all keep track of how long it takes him, because
if there is one thing i know for sure about ronnie,
nothing is fast.
my advice?
never marry a man with a love for all things auto.
(unless you're willing to spend a few extra minutes everyday moving
around cars so you can get the right one out of the driveway.)
b u t
i have to admit..
i am loving this new addition.
heated seats in the winter,
sunroof for the summer
third row for the puppies,
extra storage in the back
and leather for easy clean-up when the kiddos spill.
not to mention, i feel a little gangsta.

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