Monday, January 25, 2016

reid: six months

it's here.
the half way point.
she's rounding the corning and heading into
the second term of her first year.
just. like. that.
i am currently sick.
i am sporting a double ear infection AND strep throat.
not to mention, my cough and stuffy nose.
so when reid didn't sleep through the night like normal
and was congested as well, i decided to take her into our pediatrician.
she is not sick (yaaas!) and weighed in at 17 lbs.
her 6 month appointment is tomorrow so i will have better stats,
but i know she's growing and that's good enough for me.
she's still in size two diapers and 6 month clothing.
she's grown out of the 3 months stuff and i've started
putting her in 6-9 months stuff even though its a little big.
if its warm, she wears it. 
i've stopped giving her reflux medicine because
she seems to have outgrown the puking thing.
in fact, i don't even burp her anymore.
just another sign that she's getting older.
still no teeth, but i swear they're on their way.
i don't want to complain because
i know there are people out there that have it
W A Y  worse than me, but i'm a
little frustrated by her lack of consistency at night.
we always have her down by 7:30.
some nights she's back up by 11:00,
but then she'll sleep until 5 or 6.
other nights she's up at 3 and then back down until 7.
but no matter what,
(except for like 4 nights)
she is always up once a night.
not a the same time,
or even for very long,
but definitely up.
and i always nurse her because
she IS sleeping long stints and i feel like
she is ONLY 6 months old.
but i'm ready.
i'm ready to put her down at 7:30 and
not see her pretty little eyes until 7:00 the next morning.
fingers crossed its coming soon.
and yes, still sleeping for the most part on her tummy.
i try to flip her over but she always goes right back to her stomach.
i'm going to ask the doctor about it tomorrow.
i don't know what else to do.
my next problem is the dreaded nap.
so important.
so needed (for baby and mom).
and reid is not having it.
she still takes FOUR naps a day.
do you know how hard that is to do with a two year old
that needs s o m e t h i n g  constantly?
its hard.
but reid will only sleep for 30-45 mins.
obviously that's not enough, so she gets tired every few hours,
i put her back down and pray for a long nap,
but it never happens.
i just want her to sleep from 9-11 and then from 2-4.
now if someone will just tell her...
she is still nursing every few hours.
but she's also drinking water out of a straw or
a sippy cup. (mostly because that's what we have out for brette)
and you know we started food.
she normally is fed twice a day.
this week she's trying out apples and peas.
she's not loving the peas, but i poke them in there.
next week will be sweet potatoes and pears.
ronnie forgets that she eats now and he pretty much took
over the kids this weekend since i've been sick.
reid only ate once.
i guess i need to remind dear ol' daddy that he has
two girls that need to eat now.
she's a people watcher.
she loves to watch brette run around and dance.
she loves anything that allows her to sit up.
i can get her to sit on her own for a while,
but i only do it on my bed so it doesn't hurt when she falls or
when i'm super close by and can catch her.
she getting closer.
she also loves activity mats.
we don't have one, go figure.
but shan does and every time i'm over there,
reid will just lay on paige's activity mat perfectly content.
she made her way into her first new year.
she had her first solid food.
and she can semi-sit up under supervision.
i think these next 3 months will bring big changes for reid.
i know a certain little girl down the hall that cannot wait
for her little sister to sit up a start playing with her.
i'm excited to see it myself.

 happy 1/2 birthday, chicken little!


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