Wednesday, January 6, 2016

you saw this coming, right?

let's see.
i'm three days into my new year's diet.
you know the drill.
in january i always vow to be skinnier and
by april i change my resolution to
"enjoy your family and friends more."
which equates to relaxing on the patio with a few beers.
or a few pieces of chocolate cake - take your pick.
but no really.
i always have a goal after i have my babies.
i want to be back to pre-pregnancy weight by
the time they turn 6 months.
i made it with brette and i plan on making it with reid too.
but reid turns 6 months old in 2 weeks.
i gained 28lbs with her and lost 18 of
it within the first few weeks.
now i have 2 weeks to lose the final 10lbs.
i'm watching what i eat, but
i really need to add some exercise.
everyday i beg ronnie to bring my treadmill home.
(it's still in storage at my parent's from when we
lived with them last winter.)
and yes, it's been that long since i've worked out.
i've also asked him several times to bring me up
my 5lb weights from the basement.
so far, nothings been done, but
i'm hopeful that i can start my new work out routine next week.
(do you like how i blame my laziness on ronnie? me too.)
i thought seriously about joining a gym.
i called and got pricing, child care included.
i think it would be nice to get out of the house
and do something for myself, but
i also know that they make you sign a contract
and i'm not sure i want to make that commitment.
plus, i'm pretty sure joining a gym in january is annoying.
i can only imagine how packed it is at the beginning of the year.
for now, i'm going to try it on my own.
wish me luck.
ps- can you believe reid will be 6 month??? holy geez.



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