Sunday, January 17, 2016

the need for tinted windows

soooo... lets talk about my boobs for a bit.
i don't think the bank i work at has ever
had someone that needed to pump.
or if they have, they act clueless.
when i first came back in september,
my boss told me i could use the men's bathroom
because it had a lock on the door and a bench.
but i tried it out.
1. the bench is too far away from the plug-in,
so i had to stand in front of the mirror while pumping.
2. it smelled seriously awful.
3. i had to go tell the men in the bank that i would
be in their restroom every time i needed to use it.
with a little advice from my friend dana and her legal expertise,
she convinced me that i should be a little bit more pro-active
in my pumping demands.
(i guess its illegal for your place of employment not to provide
you a place to pump and it cannot be a restroom.)
i am so not good at confrontation, so i took it upon myself
to find another place more suitable.
unfortunately, all the offices have glass front walls,
so there is no such thing as privacy.
but, being the genius i clearly am, i brought in my old
shower curtain and tacked it up over the opening.
yesssss. i just scored myself my own little pumping room.
fast forward to october and we had a community service project.
everyone had to meet at this ladies house to fix it up for her.
i emailed the guy in charge to see if there was somewhere i could go,
since i knew we'd be there several hours.
he said the house would be in no condition to actually go inside
(ps- who lives at this place?!?)
but there was a QuikTrip a few miles away.
not ideal.
i was trying to figure out how i was going to lock the QT bathroom
door for 15 minutes without causing a riot.
instead, that morning another guy in charge said i could use
the generator he brought if i moved my car close enough to
run an extension cord.
so just imagine me, crouched down in the backseat of the 4runner,
outside this dump of a house, while all my co-workers are right outside working.
it. was. heinous.
and the generator was SO LOUD.
like a freaking motor off a muscle car.
there was no being discrete.
and now here we are today.
i think the number of women in the company
that needs to pump must have grown.
i got an email on friday saying they reserved an extra room for
our annual all-employee meeting at a local convention center, just for nursing moms.
can you believe it!
there would be a key left in an envelope outside the door, so
you could lock yourself in there and we could all take turns.
a big step up from the men's bathroom or the backseat of my car.
i'll take it!
i'm so glad i only do this a couple days a week.
pumping sucks.
only five months to go.

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