Monday, April 14, 2014

brette: ten months

we're in double digits over here!
it's spring and her first birthday is right around the corner.
and yes, i've already started planning.
but first, a little update on our ten month old.
we were at the vet on friday
so i took the opportunity to weigh brette on their high-tech scale.
she weighed 19lbs 7oz.
according to ronnie's measuring tape she is around 30 inches in length.
she's still sporting size 3 diapers and
has upgraded to 9-12 month clothing
and even some of the 12 month clothing fits.
she currently has FOUR teeth coming in.
yes, its as bad as it sounds.
none of them are actually in yet,
but by next month she'll have four new teeth across the top.
pray for me.
her hair has gotten longer and started to curl.
i'm pretty sure i could put little baby pigtails in the back,
but she won't sit still long enough to let me try.
it would be the cutest thing ever,
so i'm going to keep trying.
 crawling is still a no-go,
but it has gotten better.
she can push herself backwards,
but it think that is more frustrating for her
because she gets further away from what she is trying to get.
but her rolling skills are on point.
she rolls around all over the place.

she sleeps from 8 to 7 every night
and falls right to sleep during her bottle
so we have no problems keeping her asleep anymore.
she also gets a blanket now since
she's not swaddled.
still no pillow, but i plan on giving her one
once she is able to crawl or get herself up on her own.
naps are going well.
the new routine has been working really well for us.
every once in awhile we still have a rough go,
but for the most part,
its been a pretty easy transition.
brette is still eating with us.
just tonight, she had lasagna.
but she mostly lives off fruits, veggies, meat and cheerios.
i always have cheerios or puffs on hand, just in case.
we got the green light from our pediatrician to give her eggs
so she's been chowing down on those as of late too.
she isn't a fan of green beans,
but that's really the only thing i've found that she sticks her nose up at.
my girl is an eater.
as for nursing,
we cut out another session yesterday
so we are officially down to just one.
this is going great and
 i'm really happy with how easy its been for both of us.
i plan on nursing her once a day for a month
so we should be done done by her 11 month bday.
i also started a new thing today.
instead of giving her a bottle around 5pm where i used to nurse,
i just gave her an afternoon snack.
i figured a 10 month old doesn't still need five bottles a day,
especially since i'm eventually supposed to stop giving her any.
so her new schedule is:
7:00 - nurse
8:30 - breakfast
10:00 - bottle (nap)
12:30 - lunch
2:00 - bottle (nap)
4:00 - snack
6:30 - dinner
8:00 - bottle (night night)
when she hits 11 months and i take away her last nursing session
i don't plan on adding a bottle there either.
i'll just head straight into breakfast.
my goal is to get her to take a bottle only when she sleeps.
and then eventually, i'll have to break that too.

she's got dadadada down.
she relates it to ronnie and beer bottles.
go figure.
her new trick is waving.
she waves all the time and
ronnie and i get a huge kick out of it.
now we're just trying to teach her what it actually means.
right now she just waves at everything,
but its so darn cute.
even though she can't speak,
i know she is understanding language.
she knows drink, daddy, tater and punky (our dogs' nicknames),
 and i think she's finally picking up on her name too.
i try to use it a lot, but not sure if she gets it all the way.
she can "sign" for drink
but its not consistent.
and she grunts for more food,
but i'm still trying to teach her the sign for more and all done.

we've been going on a lot of stroller walks
when the weather permits and
we have a swing that we're going to hang in our backyard.
i'm basically trying to be outside as much as possible.
i sit her on the deck in her bumbo and let her play
or watch the dogs run.
i bought some markers, but
i haven't busted them out yet.
i'd like to see if she's ready to draw,
but i'm going to have to keep careful watch
because everything still goes straight to her mouth.
i also bought her a tambourine...
she's into anything that makes noise.
not that i love it, but at least she's happy.
i'm super ready for pool time
if summer would just hurry up.
had her first popsicle.
started waving.
started eating 3 meals a day.
sits in a highchair instead of bumbo.
went to the store with just daddy.
(i didn't realize that this had never happened,
but ronnie told me a couple weeks ago that it was his first time.
apparently, i am always dying to get out of the house
so i don't let him leave without me. whoops.)

go baby go.  see you in a month.




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