Friday, April 18, 2014

easter weekend

i hope everyone has their eggs dyed,
their baskets ready
and their dresses pressed.
i personally can't wait for the age
when brette gets to wear little white gloves, a hat
and is running around searching for hidden eggs.
but this year she is going to rock a bonnet
and watch madeline and eden find their treasures.
adorbs, of course.
we're going to church with
mimi, papa, brian, jaime, madeline and eden.
should be... interesting.
and busy.
then back to mimi and papa's for a huge lamb dinner
with the rest of the family.
and since i gave up facebook for lent,
i will also be spending a few minutes hours catching up.
[note to self: do not give up social media when you are
a stay-at-home mom and it is your only way of
interacting with the outside world.]
i found this (easter) version of one of my favorite songs,
perfect for the holiday.
want to see my favorite version?
go here.
hoppy easter!

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