Friday, April 25, 2014

chicken alfredo pizza

are you tired of hearing about my pizza adventures?
too bad.
i made pizza on wednesday,
but i did it the super fast and super easy way.
and i mixed it up a little bit by doing
a chicken alfredo version.
lots of short cuts and hardly any actually cooking.
i bet this took me around 10 minutes to put together.

instead of making my own pizza dough,
i bought a tube.
instead of making my own alfredo sauce,
i bought a jar. 
then i diced up some onion and garlic and
cooked it in a little bit of oil and butter.
i removed the onion and garlic and threw in
some chicken strips.
i browned them on each side for 3 minutes in the
garlicky remains and then cubed the pieces.
i spread out the dough on my pizza pan and
added a little alfredo sauce.
don't add too much because alfredo is runnier than
marinara and i feel like it can make pizza soggy. 
then i sprinkled on my onion and garlic,
(you could totally add mushrooms too,
but ronnie would have killed me.)
and added some seasonings.
[italian seasoning, garlic salt and red pepper]
then i diced up some fresh spinach,
(you could leave it whole,
but ronnie and i don't roll that way.)
added my chicken cubes and
(here's the best part)
sliced up some fresh mozzarella.
waaaaaay better than the stuff shredded in a bag.
and here's a little tip i learned from watching the pioneer woman:
put your fresh mozzarella in the freezer before you start
so by the time you're ready to slice it up,
it's has a solid consistency that makes it easier to cut.
totally worked.
then i threw it in the oven at 425 for about 15 mins.
easy easy easy
and ronnie dominated it.
like for real,
we hardly have any left.
*** this is also really good as an appetizer too. see here for more details. ***


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