Thursday, April 10, 2014

pastaless salad

i've been trying to eat healthy since,
well, forever,
but i got more serious about it in december.
since then i've been trying to cut bad carbs.
you know the ones.  they're my favorite.
but one of my and ronaldo's staple meals in the summer
is to grill some sort of meat with pasta salad, corn on the cob and fruit.
we could both eat it every night.
since it was in the 70's yesterday
and since i made such a crappy dinner the night before
i thought it would be a good night to grill out and have
our go-to summer meal.
unfortunately, pasta salad would be one of those bad carbs.
so i came up with my very own pastaless salad.
normally i would make this:
 so i took that as a jumping off point and created my own thing.
i had frozen peas,
cherry tomatoes,
green pepper,
cheese sticks
and bacon.
then i just made the same dressing you normally would
out of mayo and a ranch packet.
i cut up all my veggies and cheese
and put the whole pack of bacon in the oven.
(i didn't use the whole pack on this salad,
but i like to have it all cooked so i can grab a piece for breakfast
or have it ready for a blt or broccoli salad.)
then i put it all together
leaving the bacon and the avocado out
until right before dinner.
i didn't want my avocado to turn or
my bacon to get soggy.
and guess what - -
it was delicious.
a definite keeper.
and still heathly.

** i also made a 1/2 cup of elbow pasta for ronnie that he could stir into his own bowl and have real pasta salad. he doesn't have to watch his weight.  bitch. **

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