Friday, April 4, 2014


spring has sprung, ya'll.
march definitely came in like a lion
and out like a lamb.
by the end of the month we had out our deck furniture and
spent a couple evenings basking in the sun.
but now, april is totally living up to its hype.
april showers bring may flowers.
so right now we're wearing raincoats
and trying to avoid what the weatherman is
describing as vivid lightning.
fortunately for us, brette sleeps through
thunderstorms like a baby.
i don't know how because it was seriously super loud.
i also decorated for the season and easter.
i bought some new easter eggs to spread across my mantle
and put out these cheery flowers (from mr. mason).

i also put together brette's easter basket.
it's nice that i can leave it out right now
since she is still too little.
next year, i have a feeling we'll be celebrating the easter bunny
and i'll have to keep her things in hiding.
(since this picture i decided i didn't like this basket
because it doesn't have a handle and she'll need one for
the thousands of easter egg hunts we have in our future.)
so i bought her this one instead.
cute, right?
also, since she's too little for candy,
i filled her basket with bubbles, little rubber chicks,
a book, a wooden toy, a bunny tail and colorful bandanas.
fun. fun. fun.
i'd like to add a colorful banner around our doorway
so during brette's naps next week,
i'll be working on a version of this:
and i'd like to find a way to start displaying
all the fun free printables i've found.
like this one:
easter is around the corner!
i'm excited.

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