Thursday, April 24, 2014

is it summer yet?

i am super excited for summer.
i'm sure you're confused because,
as ronnie pointed out,
everyday is my day off.
but in the summer i actually have friends that have days off too.
jaime, shannon, kassie and jana are available allllllll summer
and dana has off mondays and fridays.
hello playgroup!
ronnie says i'm basically going to have the best summer of my life.
yep, probably.
he's just jealous.
last friday was a good indication of how amazing this summer might be.  
jaime, dana and i took our kiddos to deanna rose farms.
if you're in the kc area with kids, this is a good place to check out.
first of all, it's free during the week.
now that's my kind of pricing.
they have an amazing petting zoo
where you can bottle feed baby goats,
ride horses,
go fishing,
race tractors,
and see all kinds of animals.
they also have slides, jungle gyms and wooden animals to play on.
this is seriously a kid's dream.
and look how cute it is.

we packed our kids and a lunch
and spent a couple hours in the sun.
i'm basically going to be rotating my time
between here, the pool and the zoo.
summertime and the livings easy.


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