Monday, April 28, 2014

the down low on hair

i've written about my hair several times.
remember this?
oh geez.

but i got the sweetest message on facebook
from a friend of a friend, caroline, who reads this ol' blog
and was crushing on my hair.
um, thanks!
because it was just a couple weeks ago
i was telling dana how much my hair was bothering me.
during my pregnancy and after i had brette
my hair was awesome.
i don't want to brag, but seriously,
it was so thick. and long. and healthy.
i thought pantene was going to call for a hair commercial any minute.
all those pregnancy hormones did w o n d e r s.
but then it started falling out.
and it went from wonderful to ehh.
and now that it's growing back in
it feels so limp.
and the fly aways around my face are killer.
so when i got this message,
i was totally surprised considering its recent condition.
caroline has really thick hair with natural wave.
just like mine.
she was asking for some tips or product suggestions.
so here it goes.
you will not be surprised to learn that i am way
too cheap to go to the salon and get my hair done.
those crazy broads want to charge me $150 or more for a cut and a color.
um thanks, but i'll pass.
luckily for me my aunt was a beautician back in the day.
every september and march i schedule a little afternoon with her.
i never let her cut more than a couple inches off because i am
a crazy-train about my length.
i want long-ass hair,
that's why i only cut it twice a year.
then i always buy revolon's highlighting kit (medium blonde)
and she foils my hair.
so basically i get a cut and color for $12.
oh wait, i guess i spend more like $24 dollars because i
always buy two highlighting kits.
the second kit is for my ombre.
i do that myself
and i totally think anyone can do it.
it's really super easy.
i blogged about it a couple years ago,
so you can read here for more on that.
as for styling it...
i basically only have three options.
naturally wavy.
or curled with a curling iron.
straight is obvious.
i blow dry my hair
and bust out my chi.
no product used.
wah la. done.
naturally wavy is even easier.
when my hair is wet i add
mousse and get and start scrunching.
i use hair spray (but not aerosol) too when it starts getting dryer.
you need a hair spray that will still allow your hair movement.
and when its about half way dry,
i use a blow dryer on the roots to help with the volume.
i tease the roots and straighten the very ends to make sure
most of the volume is at the top.
that's basically it.
as for products i just buy all my stuff from wal-mart.
no aveda products for this girl.
right now here is what is in my bathroom:

but here's a little tip for those of you that
don't have any natural wave/curl in your hair:
gel and mousse won't cut it and
your hair will fall flat.
however, if you take egg whites and whisk them until foamy
and use that instead of gel or mousse,
your hair WILL wave.
my roommate in college tried it and she has
 straight, super thick hair and it still worked.
as for curling it,
i actually blogged about that too
so you can read more tips and tricks here.
i actually write out a step by step process
so its pretty helpful.
pay close attention to step 6.
it's the most important or your hair will fall flat.

i hope this helps caroline..
or anyone else needing a few insider notes on hair.


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