Friday, October 14, 2011

autumn on the farm

we went to my aunt and uncle's farm for "fall festival family fun" day last saturday. (say THAT five times fast)
the day started out rough with my grandma's dog getting stuck in the dog pin.
we got her out safe and sound, but i love the picture.

poor puppy

my cousin and i took turns riding the zipline.

 while my mom and ronnie enjoyed the nice weather in the hammock.

(uncle) andy started the bonfire.

and hung out with the elk (my aunt and uncle live on an elk farm)

 once everyone was there and had eaten, we started carving pumpkins

and at dusk...

the whole family went on a hayride

 and when we got back, we sat around the fire.

 and lit our pumpkins

 it was a beautiful day.

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