Wednesday, October 12, 2011

just swipe it

ordinary halloween lights?
no. no. no.
  this is something bigger.  something huge.
i'd like to introduce you to my first purchase with my first ever credit card. 
do you feel the power?
 i'm twenty-eight and someone finally thinks i'm responsible enough.
(insert fist-pump here)
ronnie had to give me the "do not go crazy" talk.
well, duh.
too bad my first purchase wasn't something more necessary, like groceries or gas.
oh well, to me, halloween lights are pretty important too.

this all started because my debit card numbers were stolen.
it was a huge bummer.
some punk-kid (yes, i'm old enough to say that) bought a bunch of iTunes with my card - - without even having my card.  wtf. we had to go through Apple and then my bank to get all the money back.  it was a pain, so we decided that it might be better to do all our shopping on credit and then pay it off every month. that way, if someone ever got my card number again, it wouldn't come directly out of my account.
i'm sure in the wrong hands this might be an easy way to fall into debt, but i promised ronnie to be extra mindful of my spending until we get into a routine with this. 

so far. so good.

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  1. I don't have a real credit card either! I'm thinking I'm going to have too one of these days.