Monday, October 24, 2011

out of the 20's

a friend of mine, dana, turned 30 last week - she handled it gracefully and grandly. to celebrate, her husband invited all her friends out to a wine bar downtown kc.  it's nice to get dressed up and go out.
not to mention that i got to be with most of my besties while ronald and dana's uncle were off in corner having a laugh of their own.  (i can't go into the details but ronnie and said uncle are like two peas in a dirty pod.)

here is the birthday girl as we belt out the happy birthday song.

some favorite friends

cupcakes, beer and wine.
we're good.

my outfit inspiration and probably one of the most famous pinned outfits online.
Pinned Image

i cannot pull off a gray cardigan sweater with an army jacket over top and a scarf without looking like i'm bundling up for a blizzard instead of a "cute fall" ensemble. so instead i pulled on a gray long-sleeve with a black tunic over top.  the rest was her.

but i liked how it turned out.

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