Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i'm no hair expert

okay, so i tried two new things with the ol' hair last week.
one was good.
the other... needs work.

first, i found a new way to do the "carrie bradshaw" bun.
i thought she always got that big bun from a hair piece (which she might) but i found a way to make my bun pretty big on it's own.
first, i put my hair in a high ponytail and instead of pulling it all the way through, i left a tiny bun on top with the rest of my hair hanging.

then, i split the ends in two pieces.

i wrapped the first piece around the base of the bun and tucked it in the hairband. 

with the second section i wrapped it around in the opposite direction and secured it in the hairband

the tiny bun plus two sections of hair make the final bun bigger - -
which i prefer.

 carrie bradshaw, yes?
well, kind of.

 the second thing i tried was picture my friend sent me:
the upside down french braid.
i didn't think this looked easy, but i thought i could figure it out.
Pinned Image

so i flipped my head over and started braiding.

once i got to the crown on my head, i stopped braiding.

i flipped my hair back and put it in a bun.

and it looked like shit.
so i ended my hair experiment with one success and one... not so much.
but i think i'll try this one again because it's so cute.
 hopefully it will be better the second time.

practice makes perfect.

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