Tuesday, October 4, 2011

while your legs are up

so funny story...

when ronnie and i moved to LS three years ago we tried to find new doctors to go to so we both weren't traveling back to warrensburg for every check-up.  a friend of mine recommended her doctor who has her practice less then 5 minutes from my office.  score.
so two years ago i went for my first visit to my new lady-parts doctor.
i was 26.
she took me into her office after my exam.  that started this whole thing out badly because that freaked me out. i was thought she found something wrong.
ends up that she just wanted to know my plan - for having babies.
oh my.
at 26 there was no plan for having babies.  ronnie and i had barely been married a year.  she said that was fine, but that she definitely recommended having children before the age of 30.  she said it's best for your body if you are still in your 20's. 
no problem - i had time.

a year goes by and i go in for my next visit.
age 27.
we once again had "the talk" but this time she gave me a little blue card so i could track my ovulation for when we want to start trying.
still not ready, but um, thanks?

so this time i was prepared.
i had my appointment yesterday.
age 28 and still no kids?  she was going to lose her mind.
this is a recap of yesterday's conversation:

dr - are you and your husband planning on having children?

me - yes.

dr - this year?

me - no.

dr - how old are you?

me - 28.

dr - well, i recommend you start trying.  i know there are other things to consider besides your age, but if you think you want children, i would not put it off.

me - we talked about it and just aren't ready.  i don't know why.  we just don't want to yet.

dr - oh, that's perfectly fine, it's totally up to you. hold on, i have a little article i think will help.  let me get you a copy.

and then she hands me a print out of this article.
the title?
My Fertility Crisis

okay - we've moved on to scare tactics.
and just to top it off she then said this:

dr - next year will be three years since you've been tested for hpv, so we'll run that again.

me - well i'm married, so can i even get that?

(insert dr. laughing her fool head off)

dr - you, of course, know who you've been sleeping with, but you never know what he's been up to.

okay. perfect.
time to go.

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  1. wow. your doc is walking a fine line. i'm not sure how i would feel about that if i were you.

    me, on the other hand....i'm going to go check my temperature. yikes@