Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a look at last night

i always blog the night before.
that way i'm not taking total advantage of work, sitting at a computer all day doing whatever i want.
so here i am, (7pm last night)
my parents just took ronzo and i out for dinner
i am too full of chicken nachos to edit and upload all the pictures i have from the pumpkin patch this weekend.  not to mention that my computer time is cut short because ronnie just got the estimate back from lowe's for the new carpet and we are being charged for 300 extra square feet because of the leftovers off the role. 
ain't that a bitch.
so instead of vegging out in front of the tv and blogging about my weekend...
i'm headed to lowe's to see if i can find another carpet that would fit better in the basement so we don't get charged for all that waste.

waste not, want not.
can i get an amen?
and maybe a boost of energy.
going to lowe's right now sounds absolutely hideous.

*** update: lowe's had the wrong carpet written down and my original pick would not include that much waste.  it has to do with measurements and the length that the carpet comes in.  i won't bore you with details, but i'm glad i get to keep my first choice. ***

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