Monday, October 10, 2011


we had an amazing weekend.  we once again traveled to marceline, mo for family fun day - fall festival style.  i have lots of pictures, but they're not edited yet... i will share soon. 
yesterday, once we got home, i decided that it was time to make a few of my ghost luminaries. (an idea i picked up off pinterest.) i only have six done, but i plan on at least doubling that so i can put them down the sides of my driveway.

i cut a little butt flap to insert the candle.

one problem. i think the flame might melt the milk carton.  i need to use christmas lights, but then i don't know how to set them up down my driveway.


  1. Hi Brooke, I love your blog. You could buy those battery operated tealights and put them in your milk cartons. Cute idea. :)

  2. my mom (and pinterest) inspired me to do those mason jars! super excited to paint them. we need #craftcircle.

  3. such a good idea, becky!! thank you!